2014 Project (week 46)


This little dude has been killing it lately with spontaneous bursts of dancing and drumming. He has always been pretty rad about his choice in music, but this week he totally surprised me by jumping down from the table to dance to Belle & Sebastian’s new single The Party Line. He says it’s our song and has choreographed some super sweet moves to it. If you know anything about me, it’s that I totally love that band. So it’s like in his DNA.

Here’s a little video to show you just how freakin cute he is. (And don’t mind Alex’s crying towards the end. He just gets mad when he can’t see his own picture on my iphone. He perked up once I put the phone in his own hands. That boy loves a selfie!)

Nate Dancing to Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line from The Dares on Vimeo.

2014 Project (weeks 44 & 45)


I am totally having trouble getting back into blogging after a long holiday away, but luckily the kids are still pretty cute. Here they are showing their Dublin roots as two tough dudes in the W. Drive Gang.

45_52_2014And now we have two ferocious critters on their way to The Gruffalo Live at the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire. It was such a great performance! The highlight was definitely when the Gruffalo came into the audience to talk to my little tiger who backed up into my lap saying “oh no, he scare me!”. Nate loved getting lots of attention as a tiny Gruffalo. He growled at all the people on the street but was a bit to quiet to actually scare people. In the theatre all the kids were waving an pointing at him. I almost expected him to start signing autographs. We’re going through a serious dressing up phase and I love it!


DIY Fabric Covered Buttons

diy fabric covered buttons

I suppose it’s time for me to buck up and admit that winter is coming. I don’t know why it shocks me every year, but I’m a South Texas girl who loves the sunshine. So to spruce up my trusty M&S winter coat, I swapped out the big plasticy black buttons for fabric covered buttons. It’s a quick DIY job that brightens up a winter coat (without having to shell out for a new one!

This project only took a few minutes to cover the buttons and a few more minutes to sew them on. It’s easily an afternoon project (depending on how good you are at sewing buttons!) The ditsy floral fabric is from Floppy Fabrics and I found the button cover kit at Tiger (although any fabric store or haberdashery should have them. Just make sure they fit your buttonhole). You’ll also need strong, all purpose thread for sewing the buttons on. And a coat obviously.

fabric covered button tutorial

You’re button kit will have instructions. Basically you need to cut a circle of fabric larger than the circumference of the button. Fold it in over the inner piece, then press the backing piece firmly in place (you can also do a slip stitch to hold the fabric in place around the inner disc, but that’s a lot of extra work). A couple of my buttons popped off after my first wear because I wasn’t firm enough. A couple drops of glue or a stronger grip should do the trick.


And there you have it. I picked this fabric because it was bright and tonal. A contrasting fabric would have been cute too, but I like to keep my options open for accessorising with scarves. Now that I think of it, a geometric black and white print would have been nice too. And for full disclosure, I covered my buttons at the end of the season last year so that it would be a nice surprise when I pulled it out of the closet, which explains the sunshine and long hair in the photo!

Our House in Ikea Family Living

I was so excited when Ikea got in touch over the summer to feature our lovely little housein the Ikea Family Living. I love the house we’re living in at the moment, but we know we only have about 6 months left on our lease so it’s really nice that our home gets to shine a little before it all gets packed up.


Check out the house tour and interview the Ikea site and snoop around a bit more at our house, check out our bedroom and the kids’ room. Thanks to Ikea for sharing our house!

2014 Project (weeks 39-43)

Thanks to our amazing trip to Texas and dealing with toddler jet lag (and okay, adult jet lag too) I’m playing catch up on our weekly photo project.

Week 39  – Our first morning in Texas. They were pretty excited and they got new skeleton pyjamas which would pretty much be their obsession for the next 4 weeks (and counting)


Week 40 - Splashing around in Dallas. There were some amazing play spaces for kids and to help keep them cool.


Week 41 – We learned a lot about Texas thanks to my super crafty Auntie. I was so happy they got to hang out with her and find out why I love her so much.


Week 42 - There were diggers everywhere. Neighbourhoods not in recession are little boy heaven.

42_52_2014Week 43 - Painting pumpkins for Halloween. The best part if if you use tempera paint and leave the pumpkin out in the rain, you get to paint it again!
43_52_2014-(1) 43_52_2014-(2)