Miracle Oil

Toddlerland recently sent us a haul of wonderful things to test out with our boys. Included in the box was Kuddles Cradle Cap Moisture and Massage Oil. Both boys have eczema and a weird grey scaly thing going on in their scalp. It’s a very persistent outbreak of cradle cap that started when they were both around 4 months old. One of Nate’s first words was itch (heartbreaking!) We tried nearly everything with Nate for the past (almost) three years — anti-fungal creams, medicated shampoos, gentle soaps, you name it. Nothing has  made a difference. Until now!

I had very little expectations for this, but it really worked. Nate’s scalp has cleared up significantly after using the oil  for a month and has stayed clear as long as we apply it semi-regularly (once or twice a week after shampooing with our regular gentle baby shampoo). The oil comes in a very handy spray bottle making it easy to apply. A little goes a VERY long way. Be warned. Don’t turn your child into a greased pig! It has a lovely smell and 100% natural ingredients. Even if your kid doesn’t have greyscales, it makes a great massage oil for babies. Again, the spray bottle is key here as I’ve had a few oil accidents trying to give baby massages in the past.

After bath time, we spray a little around the scalp holding the bottle about 6 inches away so the oil sprays all over (rather than close concentrated spays) and gently massage it into the scalp making sure to rub it in where his hair is thickest. Then we brush it out and try to gently remove as many big flakes as possible. Nate loves helping brush his hair too and looking in the mirror. What’s wrong with a little vanity?

You can get Kuddles Cradle Cap Moisture and Massage Oil from Toddlerland.eu for €18.99. It’s totally worth and very highly recommended from the Dares.

Thanks to Toddlerland for providing us with the product to trial, no other componsation was  given and all opinions are my own.

One thought on “Miracle Oil

  1. Sounds like good stuff! And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of vanity..I wish mine were more vain because then they might let me brush their hair, instead I have to cut it!

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