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London Calling

As I mentioned, I ran away to London last weekend partly for the Capturing Childhood workshop and partly to get a break from the kids. It was the first time away from Alex for more than an hour. I’ve learned recently that it is important to admit that you need a break, especially as a mother and as a stay at home mom. It was so refreshing to be without the kids, running around the big city soaking up culture and sunshine. I definitely needed it and came home even more pumped to make this gig as a full time mommy work.


I stayed with Chris’s cousin, who is a lot of fun to hang out with. She also has a beautiful apartment that overlooks the canal (that’s the view from her balcony above). We went all over town and managed to fit in a ton of things in 4 days. Four days! Kid free! Buggy free! Boy free! So here’s what we managed to do: lunch (with sangria) at Borough Market, birthday dinner & drinks in Covent Garden, 6th row seats to Eddie Izzard at Wimbley, Impressionists at the National Gallery, free Egyptian food at the Regent Street festival, shopping on Carnaby Street (scoring some cute £10 bargains), Museum of London, coffee at the Barbican, lunch in the shadow of St Pauls and a quick zip in the Tate Modern. I’m going to make weekend escapes to London a regular thing, hope she doesn’t mind!

lon6 lon3



lon10 lon7But the best part of going away was coming back to my little men.

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