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Let’s Go Tesco Online Shopping

They say it takes a village, but in these modern times it also takes a laptop and and broadband. You know what I’m talking about (you’re reading a mommy blog after all!) I don’t know how our family could get by without Tesco online shopping. So when they asked if I’d review the service, I was super excited because I’m quite evangelical about it!

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Last summer we really fell in love with online shopping. Chris broke his thumb and was unable to drive us around for two months. We had a tiny baby and a young toddler and required more groceries than I could carry back from the shops while pushing a double buggy. I don’t know how we would have survived without it!

Anyone who has ever dragged a grumpy toddler around a supermarket can attest to the unique challenge it presents. We decided that it wasn’t worth the stress or the time out of the all important weekend to haul everyone to the store. The best thing about online shopping and home delivery is that it can happen in the extra spaces where we are homebound anyway (you know, when the kids are asleep!) Somehow we’ve fallen into the pattern of menu planning and ordering groceries on Thursdays and getting them delivered on Friday night (rock & roll, yeah?) There is a delivery fee (between €4-7 depending on the time of day), but it is negligible especially considering petrol and parking costs. I think it’s brilliant and an essential part of our family routine, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s the pros & cons


  • Shop at home in between tantrums, rather than taking the tantrums with you!
  • Delivery times up to 11pm, so you can shop while the kids sleep (hopefully!)
  • Pickers are based in the bigger Tesco shops, so you can often order products that are not available in smaller outlets (like toys and art supplies!)
  • Favourite items are categorised, so after awhile you can shop faster for you weekly essentials
  • Delivery people are always extremely courteous and quick to unload and always within your chosen window
  • You can see a running total (by scrolling to the bottom), so you can stay on budget and can also get nutritional information


  • The database seems to be getting better, but I’ve found a few things listed with misspellings or odd names slowing down the search
  • Some things you’d like to handle and pick yourself, like produce. Obviously you can’t do this, so occasionally you can be left disappointed with something over ripe or not ripe at all. (We’ve learned which fruits we’re a bit more precious about and get those separately)
  • You can’t sort lists by lowest to highest price (so scroll through and make sure you’re getting the best deal)


  • Always check the expiration dates of perishable goods. If something isn’t suitable or will go off before you plan to use it, tell the delivery person and they’ll return it without charge to you
  • Try different spellings or use the drop down menu to shop by category if you’re having trouble finding something. Some items may be called something you’re unfamiliar with (ie: toilet paper v toilet roll)
  • Keep an eye out for the ‘cheaper alternative’ button
  • If you’re organised enough to type out grocery lists, you can copy and paste your list just below the search box to speed things up a bit
  • Watch out for quantities when ordering. Some produce has the option of kilos or quantity — I once ordered 3kgs of carrots rather than 3 carrots (time for cake!)
  • Get a Clubcard! We rack up the points and use them for vouchers to Dublin Zoo, Bray Sea Life and lots of other fun family activities!

And because every little helps, here’s a little something for you! If you’re a new online shopper, you can get €20 off when you spend €60 or more on your first online grocery shop at! Happy days!

Go to and enter the eCoupon code RXXF4NC at checkout. The offer ends October 25, 2013. Full terms and conditions can be found at

UPDATE: Word from Tesco is that they’re working on introducing a sort by price feature sometime soon! It’s nice to see that they are always making improvements!

Disclosure: Tesco kindly provided me a voucher to conduct my weekly shop and review this service. As with all other product reviews, all opinions are my own.

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  • Reply Margaret September 19, 2013 at 8:59 am

    I LOVE Tesco online shopping. So easy, and as you say, lovely delivery people :D. And the Tesco clubcard Deals are the biz. I paid for a good chunk of this year’s holiday with one, and intend the same for next year. We save all our clubcard points for Christmas though so that we can get a good whack together and put it towards something decent, like the holiday or similar.

    • Reply lauren September 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm

      It’s really great isn’t it! We keep saying that we need to use the vouchers for a ferry trip sometime.

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