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Easter Egg Hunt

I showed you what I wore to our family Easter Egg hunt and now here’s the highlights. I love Easter celebrations, but they are pretty different in the US than here. We don’t do giant chocolate eggs as much and (at least in my family) there’s more focus on springtime and gifts that reflect that, rather than chocolate. I’ve claimed Easter since Christmas is firmly rooted in Chris’s family tradition. So last year I bought some refillable plastic eggs and my mom (probably thinking the same thing I was) sent me some as well. I also have a small army of rabbits that my mom saved from my childhood and sent over. The boys have really loved playing with them and it makes me so happy to see them loving the bunnies I saved from dusty South Texas flea markets!

Our Easter egg hunt was extra special this year because some of the oldest and youngest members of our family were in attendance. Chris’s grandmother was over from England as it was our niece’s christening on Sunday. We had a beautiful day out in the garden in the sunshine and it really felt like home. The boys had a blast looking for eggs, well, Nate did at least. Alex didn’t really get it until they were opened. Nate on the other hand was talking about the bunny all week. We made little signs to show the bunny where to go and where to put some of the eggs. EasterEggHunt_1

Last year we filled the eggs with Duplo blocks (the square pieces fit perfectly!) and this year we filled them with Play-doh, raisins, gummie dinosaurs and some Octonaut figurines. Their Easter basket (which was mine when I was a kid) had bunny themed books, a kite (Nate has been begging for one), a pair of scissors for Alex (with a bunny on them), and a darling flower press and wooden boat from Tigerlilly Quinn.

EasterEggHunt_2Alex absolutely loved the boat. You attach a balloon and blow it up using a little valve and then let it go in the water. He sat at that (pretty dirty) pool of water all afternoon. It was so adorable. He had no interest in anyone else and was probably there for over an hour! In the end we had to drag a soaking and freezing boy away, but luckily his super fun auntie and uncle where there to entertain him! This little boat is the cutest gift we’ve ever gotten the boys and is on sale for only £5!

I must thank my mom for the adorable outfits the boys are wearing. They both looked so cute and grown up. Nate loves his ‘daddy shirt’ and he’s way cooler than either of his parents in those red trousers.

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    OH he is the cutest!! This made me smile so much, thank you lovely xx

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