2014 Project (week 24)


The love each other, I swear. We are loving playing outside in all the sunshine we’ve had lately. Summer is here at last. Nate has turned a corner from some of his tantrums and has become really huggy lately. Alex is still a little shocked by it, but he does adore his big brother, his Natey. Today I was upstairs getting their clothes for the day while the boys played Legos and I heard Nate say “I love you Alex.” And Ali replyed, “I love you so much!” Sometimes it’s all worth it. (Of course, by bedtime Alex was trying to murder Nate in the bath but you know, you take what you can get.)

living arrows

2 thoughts on “2014 Project (week 24)

  1. Aww bless – even if it’s short-lived it’s so sweet! They look as thick as thieves so I suspect even the bath time falling out won’t last too long!

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